4. March, 2019


Dimwits of Butale take over control.
Butalci (Dimwits) of Butale (Dimland) have taken over the streets of Cerknica on Sunday. As one can expect, Dimwits tend to be extremely punctual therefore the parade began exactly around 12.32 local time (i.e. one hour delay is nothing unusual in this part of the world).
Dimwits are one of the most famous characters at the Carnival of Cerknica. It is the Dimwits who, on a Fat Thursday every year, take the power from the Mayor of Cerknica, and leave a devastation behind. And it is no surprise they can’t think straight when their heads are so big and heavy that they have difficulties bearing those slim-to-none-brain-filled heads around Dimland.
See those chunky creatures for yourself and let us know if you think they should be in power.

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