Discovering secret places
18. February, 2016

This post has been in my mind for a very long time now. Certain things are hard to put in words.
When we talk with our friends they would often say, since we do what we dGoce1o, there are not many secret places we do not know about. Frankly they are wrong. Here is one place we knew nothing about until we first went there.
There is a small village in the SW part of Slovenia, right on the border of the Karst plateau galled Goče. A little over 100 houses that have so many stories to tell. There are still people that live there, but they all say, that life in a place like this is not easy. Running everyday errants can sometimes be complicated. On the other hand they love their slower pace of life and would not trade it for anything. The all stone houses have been family homes for generations and they will stay that way. The village was first mentioned in a document from 1440, yet there has been life in the area much before that. Some say since the Roman times. Why? Well there are two main reasons, one is the position of the village, quite easy to defend and the second is the fertile surrounding areaGoce12.
Goče are best known for the great wine. It may not come as a surprise, that there are records of 85 wine cellars in the village, 60 of those can still be visited today.
There was a reason for us to go to Goče. There is a restaurant called Cejkotova domačija. The plan was to go there for lunch. We did. We sat down for it at 13.00 and left the place at 18:00. In those 5 hours we were served the best meal I have ever had in my life. There are several reasons for that statement. The homegrown ingredients, great home made wine, the ambiance, the story of the homestead and most of all the owners, Davorin and Jelka Mesesnel. Their
passion and love for what they do, and do well, is simply amazing and inspiring.
It would be a great pleasure to take some of our future travellers there. For lunch or just to walk trough the village.


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