Inspiring things…
31. March, 2011

Inspiring things 1There is something about the Eiffel tower. I realize that every time I visit Paris. No matter how touristy it is, how long the queues are, how much they charge for the entrance, and how long the wait for the elevator is, how many merchants compete for your attention and wanting you to buy the replicas in all colors and sizes… it is all worth it. As soon as my eyes set on the tower, I know I am in Paris. And the longer you look at it, the cooler it is. And there are so many ways of enjoying the tower. You can climb numerous stairs and enjoy in spectacular views from the top. You can ride up with the elevator and dine in a fancy Michelin star restaurant. Or just buy a beer at the snack counter on the second level and enjoy the same view – but with a less charged credit card. My favorite Eiffel way is definitely sitting on the grass of Champs du Mars, having a glass of Bordeaux and enjoying the vista. Inspiring things 2It is even more special at night, when vista suddenly starts to twinkle. A special twinkle to the tower on my last visit there, was added by a marathon runner from Germany, with whom we rode the elevator together to the second level. After accomplishing the 18 km long run through the streets of Paris, the last part was running up the stairs of the Eiffel to the first level. There was a finish lane. If that would be me, I would drop down from tiredness that the run brought. But no – all sweaty, exhausted and tired to the bones this man from Germany gathered the strength, took an elevator up one level and went for the view and captured it on his camera. And when I congratulated him for the run, his answer was simply: “ I am so happy now!” Truly, there is something about the Eiffel tower. It makes as happy.