Virtual Pilgrimage through Slovenia
5. March, 2021

Virtual Pilgrimage through Slovenia

Join us on a new adventure!

Join us on a Virtual Pilgrimage through Slovenia. Starting next Saturday, March 13th, Team Private guide Slovenia will take you on a two week journey in Slovenia, while making sure you will be active and entertained. Interested? Keep reading.

We have joined forces with our colleague Chris Coleman from in this project that will allow you to travel through Slovenia. In the light of current global situation this traveling will be virtual, but we promise that it will be almost as rewarding as if you were here.

Chris came up with this brilliant idea of virtual travel, and we were more than happy to join. You can learn more about the travels that our colleagues did in France and Italy if you visit So far the “tours” have been a great success, and we plan to continue in the same fashion!

Our starting point at the Basilica in Brezje.

The plan is to visit three important pilgrimage sights in Slovenia. We will start in Brezje, Slovenia’s most important pilgrimage sight, the amazing basilica will provide for a great backdrop on our live Zoom session we will have there. The next stop will be Lake Bled, there isn’t a more romantic place in Slovenia, nothing beats the scene of our beautiful lake surrounded by high mountains, the island in the middle topped with a gorgeous baroque church is the cherry on the top! The last location that we will broadcast live from is just a few miles across the border in Italy, Monte Lussari or Svete Visarje. The village is in Italy, but is is Slovenian. The scenery there is breathtaking. All other superlatives would fail to describe the setting.

Mrs. Resman and her son making special bread just for us!

Is that all? No, not at all! All the days between the line broadcasts will be filled with great content. You will learn about the culture, nature, history, gastronomy and more. We will open the doors of our homes to you and invite you in. Most importantly you will get to meet some interesting people: inn keepers, scholars, Olympians, a Michelin stared chef and more! 


Is that all? Well, not really, but we will keep the rest as a surprise. 🙂


How do you sign up? Simple. Follow this link:


See you in Slovenia!


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